Audio & Video

We implement excellent sound quality to your corporate celebration, award ceremony, or even a small business meeting. We make every effort to provide all Audio and Video equipment, and a trained MPE team member to help create the best possible experience.​

Audio & Video Support

We provide the best sound support with professional speakers, microphones, audio mixers, PA systems, audio accessories, and more. 

Video Production

We have the leading brand in high quality projectors and screens, perfect for Power Point presentations and videos. Based on audience size and room specification, we can find the perfect solution for your event. 

Our Team

It's very important to have great quality equipment, but what's even more crucial is who is behind the equipment. We have trained audio and video technicians ready to help you create an amazing event and ready to troubleshoot anything that comes their way. 

Holiday Events



Business Meetings

Award Ceremonies

Corporate Celebrations